Some things that I have worked with/on.

  • TDD code coverage
  • twibbler
  • Quanto
  • wx (wx-python)
  • Linux/Unix (Bash, Sh, minimal builds, docker, rudimentary kernel hacking)
  • python
  • javascript (jquery, angular, node.js, mocha, coffescript, phaser, jasmine, chai, underbar, sinon)

I am an artist at heart and a Software Engineer by trade.

I primarily work in oils, and acrylics, Python and Javascript.

I grew up in Central Minnesota, and love the snow. I used to commute by bicycle during the winters there. I enjoy fiddling around with new technologies, think about efficient processes quite frequently, and love solving problems. Its sort of weird, but painting is the reason why I became a programmer, both are creative processes.

Feel free to get in touch with me.

where am i

Austin, Tx
E:james.a.munsch at gmail

If you would like to pair program sometime send me an email(click below).
Let me know what you would like to learn/teach.

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